About Us

Introducing Rebekah Shaxted, the Lead Practitioner and Company Owner. She created this theatre company to support the people who are usually ignored, passed over from support organisation to support organisation, for the people who work a full time job and need an hour out from their full time life, the lone parents who need time for themselves and finally, for those who enjoy drama.

Rebekah has structured the sessions with an even balance between fun, silliness and support. A mix between drama games, workshops, improvisation and script work designed to build confidence, self awareness and an understanding of the local community.

1-100 Theatre is designed to create an outlet, a safe haven. We work with all types of groups and all ranges of people where you can talk without thought , move without drive and laugh without a cause.

1-100 is a drop in session every Thursday but can also come as package, 1-100 theatre can support other organisations. If you would like to find out more, please contact us here.